Our Hair Products

Essence is a fully registered L'Oreal salon.

Amongst our large range of products to keep your hair in first class condition are:

  • Absolut Repair Conditioner

    Absolut Repair Conditioner

    A star performer in the absolut rescue plan for very damaged hair, this lush conditioner features Neofibrine, a combination of ceramides and a shine-perfector. Penetrating and cocooning the whole fibre, it leaves hair feeling gorgeously supple and looking extra glossy.

  • Absolut Repair Masque

    Absolut Repair Masque

    Treat sensitised, seriously moisture-sapped hair with this nourishing makeover masque. The lusciously lux formula, enriched with Neofibrine, a cocktail of ceramides and a shine-enhancer, conditions to replenish, renovate and create a dream gleam.

  • Absolut Repair Treatment Serum

    Absolut Repair Treatment Serum

    First-aid for split ends. This intensive serum is infused with Unifibrine, a smart complex of smoothing polymers. When applied, it's instantly attracted to more damaged areas, where it helps to smooth and unify the hair's surface, protecting against further damage travelling along the hair shaft.